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Special Agent Jon Zinger Official Website

The Agent and the Pirate
The Agent and the Psychopath
The Agent and the Reprobate
The Agent and the Denominator
The Agent and the Pecok
The Agent and the Slimeball
The Agent and the Democrat
Friends Photo Album
Beliefs and Opinions
Ode to Zinger

Welcome to the Special Agent Jon Zinger Official Website

Well, hello everyone.  My friend RJ got a website for his stories on Tripod so I figured I'd get one too. (Hey, Tripod management, if you see this, give yogi072003 a bonus on his account for promoting Tripod)  This is 99% about my Agent series, concerning the adventures of Special Agent Jon Zinger.  Enjoy.

This website is primarily so you can read the adventures of the one and only Special Agent Jon Zinger.  The stories that I have written to date about this young man who relies on God to help him solve the case include The Agent and the Pirate, The Agent and the Psychopath, The Agent and the Reprobate, The Agent and the Denominator, The Agent and the Pecok, The Agent and the Democrat, and The Agent and the Slimeball.  There will be a page on this site with pictures of my friends as well as myself, although you probably won't want to see that one.
Latest News
The Agent and the Slimeball in printers now.
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Special Agent Jon Zinger